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TrueForm Games under its label is currently engaged in developing one of its ambitious MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) project.
The objective of the game is to educate the target audience and provide them a better & comprehensive understanding about the human body, its organs, diseases & their cures in an interactive & fun way, i.e. play and learn at the same time. Most of the features in the game will be F2P (Free to Play) while some of them will be P2P (Pay to Play). The game will have a Free & a Premium Membership option.

Our game correlates with multiple learning objectives and provides opportunities to have higher level thinking. Interaction with other players occurs during game play. Difficulty level and pace adapt to the level of the player. Different levels of the game build upon prior learned skills. Feedback is immediate and specific, offering support for the player all the time, allowing the player to learn from his or her mistake.

Gameplay is intuitive and requires little or no administrative guidance for use. Gameplay encourages modification and character customization allowing for imagination and ingenuity. We use a platform where all can contribute information and knowledge, teachers and students alike.

Most importantly our game can be played by non- medicos also. They can learn first aid for various emergency situations and even get an overview of the various activities involved in a hospital or any medical environment and even the behavior of various drugs taken in our day to day life and even by people around us.

Although a great deal of media attention has been given to the negative effects of playing video games, relatively less attention has been paid to the positive effects of engaging in this activity. Video games in health care provide ample examples of innovative ways to use existing commercial games for health improvement or surgical training. Tailor-made games help patients be more adherent to treatment regimens and train doctors how to manage patients in different clinical situations.
We have taken special care that the level of engagement in our game is just critical.
It does not reach the level of addiction as excessive engagement in a game can lead to addiction, which is harmful.
Our current game is one of its kind which helps players experience a very diverse form of gameplay.With Serious Games, patients and healthcare workers learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere, and with significantly higher retention rates.